♠ We (Sky & Hap) founded this channel on March 7, 2017. We try to offer a pleasant feeling for you, when you listening music 🙂 We are a music channel built to promote and grow artists. We do not make the music we feature. 

You are music producer? You have a song? Send us your song, and we’ll publish it on our channel. 🙂


“Can I use this in my video?”
Unfortunately I don’t own any of the rights for the music I feature on Music Station, so you’d have to ask the artist.

“Is this copyright free?”
Again, it’s not up to me. I personally receive written permission for every upload, but it doesn’t apply universally when someone else wants to use the song.

Some songs are made by us and those can be published only MusicStation, for safety send us an email.
– musicstationcontact@gmail.com